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With our help, you can develop exciting and outcome focussed workshops or support packages for integrating and developing the use of film and the art of filmmaking within and across your curriculum offer.


The filmmaking process can focus on any thematic area as a way of deepening and broadening pupils' understanding but as a guide, the typical curriculum areas covered through filmmaking include:


  • Speaking, Listening, Reading & Writing

  • Art & Design

  • Design & Technology

  • Computing

  • British Values

  • Design & Technology

  • Music


Participation in our workshops develops:


  • self-confidence

  • improved self-efficacy

  • independent & team working skills

  • awareness & understanding of character traits

  • Increased social & emotional awareness

  • wider appreciation an understanding of the role of artistic & cultural products 

  • improved motivation



'Mrs. Sykes' - is an entirely fictional story developed by pupils at primary level as a way of linking the study of the evacuees and the second world war, a school trip to a local heritage centre and their interest in storytelling.


The school's interest in the use of film as a way of helping pupils explore curriculum has continued to grow and is now a regular feature of their annual programme across all year groups.


This is a short film produced entirely by pupils from Manor Leas Junior Academy who participated in our Young Journalist Academy media production programme - this scheme focuses on providing pupils with access to training in:


  • filmmaking

  • radio production

  • writing articles


This is a short film produced, directed, filmed and edited by pupils and looks at the life and experiences of a young carer.


This film is a touching insight into the life of a young carer and was a story that she wanted to share. 


The film also won a LAFTA Film Award presented by BAFTA winning actor Jim Broadbent

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